We can provide our delicious food & drinks for any occasion.

Click here to download a PDF menu or see below:


Breakfast catering 

Mini plain croissant   £1.10

Mini pain au chocolat/ almond croissant/ pain au raisin   £1.30

Mini pastry selection (5 plain, 2 chocolate, 2 almond, 1 pain au raisin)   £11.00 

Cotswolds bacon bap on white bloomer bread   £3.00

Pork and leek sausage bap on white bloomer bread   £3.00

Fruit (bananas, apples, oranges)   £0.70

Greek yoghurt, handmade granola, banana and honey pot   £2.70


Lunch catering  

Brown bloomer sandwiches: 

Tuna mayo, spinach   £3.50

Chicken, tomato, roquette, mayo   £3.50

Hummus, roasted med veg, spinach   £3.50

Ham, mature cheddar, tomato, roquette   £3.50


White sourdough sandwiches: 

Chicken, guacamole, roquette   £3.50

Ham, mayo mustrad, roquette   £3.50

Feta, beetroot, red chard   £3.50

Egg mayo, roquette   £3.50


Individual goats cheese and red pepper quiche   £3.20

Individual quiche Lorraine   £3.20


Selection of 10 sandwiches    £32.00

Selection of 20 sandwiches   £58.00

Selection of 30 sandwiches   £85.00


Sharing side salad lemon, honey, olive oil dressing   £7.00

Piper's crisps   £0.90 



Victoria sponge   £3.50

Carrot and walnut cake   £3.50

Gluten free orange and polenta cake   £3.50

Blueberry muffin   £3.00

White chocolate and raspberry muffin   £3.00

Fruit scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream   £3.50

Bakewell tart   £2.50

Chocolate brownie   £2.30

Millionaire's shortbread   £2.30


Selection of brownies, Millionaire's shortbreads and Bakewell tarts:

10 pieces   £22.00

20 pieces   £40.00

30 pieces   £59.00


Soft drinks

Homemade lemonade   £2.20

Fresh orange juice   £2.20

Fresh apple juice   £2.20

Coca Cola/ Diet Coke   £1.90                                                                                                                             

Mixed berry smoothie   £2.80

Small Belu water still/ sparkling   £1.50

Large Belu water still/ sparkling   £2.80

Iced tea/ coffee   £2.80


Please try to order 24 hours in advance where possible.

Delivery in the local area is often available on orders of £25 or more - so do ask for details.